E-Go Fuel Injector Cleaner




When an engine is running, the fuel injectors are kept cool and clean by fuel flowing through them. When the engine is turned off (especially after running for a short time) the temperature will rise and heat soaks the fuel injectors. During this process, the fuel is broken down into gum and varnish on the tips and inside the fuel injectors. In an automobile engine, the vehicle is usually driven for a substantial amount of time before being shut off while boat engine operation is quite different. Boats are stored for long periods of time and are usually run for short periods of time followed by the engine being shut off without airflow to assist in cooling. In a boat engine’s life this happens repeatedly, more so than an automobile engine where fuel injection services have become an essential periodic maintenance. The worst time for marine fuel injectors is during the winter months when the engine is not started at all. The layers of gum and varnish harden deeply inside and outside the tip of the fuel injector.

Fuel additives and gasoline alone cannot clean away layers of fuel deposits when the engine is running. The only proven method is by removing the “stale” fuel (the cause of the deposits) and using a fuel system cleaner periodically.

By using the Sierra Fuel Injection Cleaning System regularly, will help maintain the injector’s cleanliness and performance throughout the life of the engine.


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